October 03, 2008

Todoodlist - long live the pencil

Following on from my last post about surviving without the internet I did want to bring one thing to your attention.

With all the newfangled PDA's and on-line time management tools it's nice to know that there is still a way of managing your time the old fashioned way.

It's called Todoodlist and it's created by Nick Cernis:

Half geek, half new-age Luddite, Nick Cernis is a hardened web developer and self-confessed gadget junkie from the UK; an unlikely candidate to write a book about abandoning hard tech in favour of simple solutions. Three years ago he abandoned his PDA and returned to pencil and paper. He combined his experience online with traditional methods to create fun new ways to get things done with paper.

Nick has dropped his ideas (and a number of additional thoughts) into a book called Todoodlist.

Having just read the book I am going to try out his methods of 'todoodling'. It's quite simple really but looks as if it will work very well.

The ebook will retail for around $14 (£8) which is a steal for what it provides. As Nick himself says...

What’s in the book?

Take a look at the index page for an idea of what you're getting in this book.

The full contents are split across 3 handy sections for quick reference:

Part 1) 7 punchy, light-hearted essays exploring our complex lives that tackle the question: “why’s everything so complex, anyway?” Includes Zen Kitten in a Box and Parrots in Space.

Part 2) 5 fun, unmissable, paper-based systems that will change the way you look at pen and paper forever and help you simplify your life. (Don’t miss the story of how I ended up swapping my PDA for a banana!) Features the Todoodlist – a fun way to get things done on paper, and the Sudoku Calendar – another of the deliciously low-tech ideas I use every day.

Part 3) The 5-step guide to reduce complexity in your life. Practical advice to help you live simply that you can put into practice and get results with today. Part 3 also includes the blueprint for launch, a beautifully simple, one-page printable list of questions to help you launch new projects faster and turn your pipe dreams into reality.

Do yourself a flavour and check this little tool out. I did! And at the price it's selling for at the moment it's a steal:
Nick has dropped the price from $19 to $14 - but it can't last for long.
Go get it now!

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