February 25, 2008

The Overat List - a few posts you may have missed 'over at' other blogs

Leo over at Zen to Done is offering a great Ebook called, unsurprisingly, Zen to Done. For anyone who is a fan of Leo (and I certainly am) this is a fabulous book to get. Click the icon below to purchase a copy
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I'm always looking to become more efficient and productive and I find that the guys over at makeuseof.com have some excellent tips, tricks and ideas. This week they were looking at cool websites and tools

The guys and gals over at Pimpyourwork.com have finally gotten around to looking at Thinkingrock which is a great tool for working with GTD (getting things done). I have it installed on both my Mac and my PC and it's great.

On the subject of GTD, Glen over at Lifedev has a great article on 9 reasons why you should adopt GTD

John Jantz over at Duct Tape Marketing has a great post about 'beyond bullets points'. If you haven't checked out this book you should do. It is a completely revolutionary way of using presentation tools such as Powerpoint to create great presentations that are more than just lists of bulletpoints. It will revolutionise the way you do presentations

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