March 05, 2008

Mac Musings

Over the last month or two I have written a couple of posts relating to the Macbook.

I originally bought a Macbook last year and here are my initial thoughts about it in a post I called 'My PC is 45% better than my Mac'

After spending more time with it I was able to update that post with some additional thoughts and comments in a post entitled 'Is my PC still 45% better than my Mac?'

Now I've been using it for a while I created a list of the '7 tips I wish I knew before swapping my PC for a Mac'

Interestingly enough I didn't get any of the 'flame wars' that I usually expect with some of these posts. Having read many other posts with similar content I am always amused at the passion that is exhibited when Mac folks try to turn PC folks and vice-versa. It inspired me to put together this amusing little post that I call 'The Zealots' - a biblical themed take on the whole Mac vs PC debate.

Surprisingly enough this has been the top read post on this blog recently. By far.

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