June 29, 2008

Battle of the Batmans

I'm a big fan of digital video and editing (Check out my new site 'Free Video Editing.com' to see details of all the free software packages you can use to edit your video), and as such I was delighted when I came across this site which has a brilliantly edited video called "Battle of the Batmans".

Basically it is a 2 minute sequence which has taken bits from all the four Batman incarnations (Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale) and edited them together to look like they are all in the same movie interacting with each other. This just goes to show what a talented editor can do with source material.

On a detailed level it doesn't stand up to a great deal of scrutiny (The colour palette's on each film are sufficiently different to allow you to identify which is which, and the story doesn't really hold together) but as a visual spectacular you will believe that all four actors appeared in the same movie at the same time


(also check out the PG rated version of '300' complete with flowers, cake and kittens)

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