July 25, 2008

What struck me as odd about this photo....

This photo is taken from the stage at a recent Barack Obama rally.

Now I went to Flickr and opened up the BIG version (3600 x 2323) and had a quick look over some of the faces.

Here are a few observations

1) There is a guy in the middle there taking a picture on his Macbook!
2) A large proportion of the folks are not actually looking at Obama, they're looking through their cameras to frame a photo of him
3) Surprisingly, I note that large majority of those taking photo's (and ergo a large majority of those in the picture) were using traditional cameras to take those photos. I find that interesting because almost without exception the camera phone has overtaken the traditional camera as the ad-hoc picture taking device here in the UK. Could this be another one of those cultural differences between the UK and the US?
4) There's an interesting ethnic mix in the picture. For some reason I would have expected more coloured skin to be on show. It seems to me to be remarkably Caucasian.

(I also liked the demonstrator holding up the scarf saying 'Angola' -
except of course he held it up so he could read it and Obama was looking
at it backwards)

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