August 07, 2008

Tallulah Rendall

One of the things I like about blogging (and having an instrument I can use to proclaim to the world) is to use this instrument to bring things to your attention that you might not otherwise have seen,

Tallulah Rendall falls under this category.

I met Tallulah recently on a film set (we were both working on a commercial for a well known brand of crisps/potato chips), and naturally as you get chatting with people at these things you start to ask what they do when they're not doing potato chip commercials. She said she was a singer. Of course I nodded and thought "Yeah, but what does she really do for a living?".

Anyway over the course of the day it became obvious that she is actually a full time singer who has her own records and makes money from doing gigs.

When we parted at the end of the day she gave me her Facebook details and I logged on and became her 'friend'.

One of the advantages of this is that whenever she has a gig or something new to show she can e-mail her friends and let them know. This happened recently when she had had a gig at Bush Hall. The gig was last night and, unfortunately, I was unable to attend. However she sent a note out today with a quick thank you to anyone who attended... along with a link to her latest single which is available for download!

I'll let her take it up:

My name is Tallulah Rendall and this is my VINYL VIRAL single, ONLY YOU.
It is FREE.

Please download her from

My aim was for this track to travel the world and thus introduce my Debut Record LIBELLUS to the unknown.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and I hope you enjoy the track.

If you would like any other information about me or LIBELLUS please visit:

I would encourage you to do 2 things

  1. Download the single and listen to it. It is quite haunting with a nice 'rock' ending to it. Tallulah has a great voice which is really brought out on this single
  2. Forward either the quoted part above or this whole post ( ) to as many people as you want on your e-mail. Her hope is to get this around the world and with your help I think we can do it.

Thanks. Enjoy the song!


  1. Hi gary. Good old Tallulah, eh?

    We ahd good fun on that set, didn;t we? I felt really pissed off when i got sent upstairs and away from our little clique.

  2. Hi Algo - Yup, certainly was a good day. Enjoyed it a lot - apart from the weather, the waiting around, the endless repetition, the folks who couldn't follow simple instructions like 'On 3,2,1 go lift up your card', the moving from seat to seat etc.

    It was a pity you got shifted away as I think we made a pretty good team the three of us.

    Any idea when the finished product will be seen? or is it out already and I've missed it?

  3. Hi to you Gary (I'd have started reading this ages ago if you'dtold me the address!

    The advert has not turned up yet, I'm keeping an eye on the Walkers site at this point

    This is the "Do us a flavour" campaign site.

    Lets hop ewe see it soon.