August 05, 2008

Yahoo! Answers (continued)

Just a quick update on the recent Yahoo! Answers article I wrote.

You may recall that Yahoo! Answers (YA) had disabled my account without giving a satisfactory reason why this had occurred. This was despite the fact that I had given over 50 answers on the topic of free video editing software which were useful and had been marked as 'Best Answers' by the questioners.

Following the advice from YA, I created another account and continued my good work. I now have an additional 95 answers(of which 65% have been voted as 'Best Answer') and YA has also flagged me as a 'Top Contributor'.

So what, I hear you ask, am I doing differently? Why have YA embraced me this time but not last time?

No idea!

My answers are the same, the only thing I have changed is the following: Instead of saying "More information can be found on my web site (", I now say "More information can be found on my web site, check out my profile for that information". My tracking data shows that a huge number of people click the link and go to the web site, so it must be working.

Thus are the vagaries of Yahoo! Answers. . . .