November 27, 2008

The Interweb, it's all... interconnected!

(Image courtesy of Jay Dugger Released under a creative commons Attribution, Share-alike license)

I am always amazed at how we have managed to link everything together using this phenomenon known as the internet.

This post, for example, is being written on my Mac using Scribefire. It will be sent automatically to Blogger where it will be posted. It will then automatically be sent to Friendfeed where it will display in my timeline. Because of this it will also - automatically - get sent to my Twitter account (which is probably where a lot of you readers were first made aware of it)

On top of that I have two other blogs and a video editing web site which also link in to Friendfeed. These are automatically disseminated as well.

Regarding Twitter, I can update it several ways. If I'm out and about I can send in a text from my phone (Twitter still accepts texts in the UK as input although it doesn't send them back out as it used to...). I can also send a picture to Twitpic where Twitter will automatically be notified.

Any update that occurs to Twitter by any of the methods detailed above is automatically sent to my Linked-In, Plaxo and Facebook accounts to update the status of the respective networks.

But it doesn't end there.

I also have an email account which I can use to send to a specific email address. Whatever I send to this e-mail address is automatically transferred and created into a post on my Posterous account. This updates Twitter automatically (and hence, Linked-In, Facebook, Plax-... you get the picture?) with the link so that folks can go and read the post.

There's more. I use Popurl's to check out what's popular across the web. Anything I like that I think others would benefit from I can - with one click - automatically send to Twitter (and Linked-in an-.... you see where this is going) to share.

I might also find web pages of my own which I want to save. With a click on my toolbar I can file these using tags and save them to my bookmarks (from were they will be sent to Friendfeed and hence to Twitter and hence to-....).

Every morning I sit and open my Google feed reader. I can read through the entries and if I particularly like something I can then flag it as 'shared'. All shared entries get posted to my Friendfeed account (this is getting monotonous isn't it?).

But wait.. there's still more! I have a feed from Twitter which I run through Feedburner. This then creates HTML that I can drop onto my Musings Cafe blog so that other folks can see what I've been tweeting about. It's a nice circle...

The beauty of all this is that it isn't just one way. It's almost incestuous in terms of the different ways folks can communicate using simple tools such as these. Popurls are created by people voting or marking their favourites. Delicious is the same way. Anything that I send can be Retweeted by other people and vice versa. All Retweets on my account are sent back to Friendfeed where they can be shared/ liked/ and commented on by others.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that with things like Friendfeed and Twitter being all encompassing nowadays, it's really easy to stay connected with lot's of people and help everybody share this fabulous thing called the Internet..

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