November 09, 2008

We are all journalists on the internet: For better or worse.

Seth Godin has written a timely little post about trust on the internet. I find this a particularly apt post because it links in very closely with a post I wrote recently about irresponsible reporting related to the Steve Jobs 'Heart Attack'.

I guess the two posts are different takes on the same issue: We are all journalists on the internet and we have a responsibility to act ethically as a result.

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  1. Agreed

    Yeah... there's far too much conjecture masquerading as fact on the web. This problem is as much with repetition distortion (the un-PC term is Chinese Whispers) whereby the original poster may well have been careful to use a disclaimer or been more balanced than those passing the story on are.

    Anyone posting "news" should be especially careful.

    As someone who primarily (though not exclusively by any means) reviews movies, I do expect a certain level of reader sense in that I don't stick a massive disclaimer on all my material - reviews are, after all personal opinions.

    The other stuff I do is also my opinion, and I would expect a reader to use some of their IQ in reading it and not assume that my views are any more than that.