March 31, 2009

The new Mac/PC ads . Oh no, the Zealots are out in force.

This came across my desktop today via my google feed reader. It's new advert for PC's. Naurally it is focused on the extreme price difference between the PC's and Macs. The young lady in the clip was able to get her ideal PC for well under $1000 when a similar Mac cost at least $1000 and didn't have the same specs.

Now what's interesting about all this is reading some of the 1539 comments that have been posted on Youtube about this video. Well, to be accurate, some of them are about the video but a huge number of them are typical Mac vs PC diatribes.

I was reminded when reading this of the zealotry which exists when Mac's and PC's are 'discussed'. I even wrote a comment about it on my Blog. It's called 'The Zealots' and I think it's quite funny (but then I am biased).

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