April 16, 2009

Thought for the day - The Mad Hatters Wedding Party

No reason for this post other than to tell of something I came across recently.

I was at a wedding. The bride and grom had obviously decided to not spend a lot of money on the event. Everything was catered by the friends and family, the venue was nice, clean and small and the invitations said 'Wear loud coloured clothes' - the best man arrived in a bright orange and black rugby kit, complete with cleats. But best of all it was a tea-party.

The parents of the bride had spent the last 18 months wondering around charity shops and pound stores searching for tea-sets. For the 18 tables they had about 23 different china tea sets of various provenances, each coloured differently and styled differently. The tables - instead of being numbered - were named after tea varieties (Darjheeling, Lapsang Suchong, Orange Pekoe etc.) and as well as food everyone was served a range of different types of tea (Leaf teas and 'infusions') it was all very civilised and very British.

Now don't you think the bride would remember that day for a long time to come? Just a thought.....

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