May 19, 2009

Thought for the day: The cheap air fare becomes 'less cheap' ... with a price cut(?)

Those of you who read my "Flying Cafe" blog will know of my thoughts on Ryanair and their flight pricing practices.

Well, it appears that they are going one step further in their cheapness and actually charging folks to print their own boarding pass at home!

This article in Wired gives all the details but it does appear that the airline has now taken the step of removing it's £10 airport check-in service and replace it with a £5 on-line check-in fee (A service which used to be free).

The airline is pitching this as a 'price cut' because the £10 fee has been reduced to £5 even though it is actually a price increase (as free check-in now costs £5).What's hidden in the small print (all 10 pages of it) is the £40 fee for lost boarding cards, or for printing them at the airport.

Remember it's a money making exercise all the way. As 'Wired' say in their article "once you get on board your Ryanair flight you’ll be charged for everything but the air you breathe - and we’re sure the airline is looking for a way to do that, too"

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