August 16, 2009

Twitter links for the last 48 hours - August 16th 2009

Here are the links I have tweeted or Re-Tweeted (RT) since my last update in late July
I apologise for the dearth of updates but I have spent the last two weeks in a location with no internet connection and minimal cell phone coverage.
  • The brutal truth about Americas healthcare - Americas, World - The Independent // via about 1 hour ago
  • 250 Things To Do in San Francisco // via about 1 hour ago
  • 6 Ways To Improve Your Web Typography - Nettuts // via 9:35 AM Aug 15th
  • 77 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials For Designing Posters | Tutorials | instantShift // via 7:10 AM Aug 9th
  • Q: "Who wrote Handel's Messiah?" A: "I'm sorry I don't read books" ( Really? You don't say...) re: 7:05 AM Aug 9th
  • Hilarious Proof of How Bad U.S. Educational System Really Is. This is funny but also a little frightening.. 7:02 AM Aug 9th
  • Bikini leaves sunbathers with tan tattoo // via 11:02 AM Aug 8th
  • Ten things we don't understand about humans - New Scientist 10:02 AM Aug 8th
  • Terry Pratchett on the right to die // via 9:39 AM Aug 8th
  • Free parking costs a fortune // via 9:38 AM Aug 8th
  • 30 essential Mac time-saving shortcuts | News | TechRadar UK // via 6:29 PM Aug 3rd
  • Your body wasnt built to last: a lesson from human mortality rates Gravity and Levity // via 6:27 PM Aug 3rd
  • It has been some time since I have written a post on the Musings Cafe so I wanted to take the opportunity to write... 4:01 PM Jul 30th

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