February 28, 2010

Twitter links for the last 48 hours - 28th February 2010

Here are the links I have tweeted or Re-Tweeted (RT) over the last 48 hours or so
  • [ProcessCafe] Friday review - 26th February 2010 http://bit.ly/d3gHmc 4:00 PM Feb 26th
  • If you thought crude oil was expensive, try printer cartdridges (graphic) http://bit.ly/cLkPRX 12:09 PM Feb 24th
  • Outsourcing Fail: Motor insurance Co shows how not to do BPM - BPM:redux blog http://post.ly/PLEo #bpm 9:59 AM Feb 24th
  • Gartner BPA Magic Quadrant: the winners and losers - BPM redux blog http://post.ly/PLGe #bpm 9:58 AM Feb 24th
  • The Business Process Improvement Conspiracy | CIO - Blogs and Discussion http://post.ly/PL8F #links 9:13 AM Feb 24th
  • Girl stuck in Pittsburgh airport overnight shoots epic horsing around video http://pop.is/24e3 8:35 AM Feb 23rd
  • 10 reasons to avoid talking on the phone - The Oatmeal http://pop.is/24e2 8:30 AM Feb 23rd
  • 40 Photoshop Actions for Designers and Photographers DesignM.ag http://pop.is/24e1 8:28 AM Feb 23rd
  • IVF technique a fertility threat to next generation - at http://bit.ly/d20A5g Interesting, if worrying. 7:23 AM Feb 23rd
  • Cyber attacks cost businesses an 'average of £1.2 million' a year - at http://bit.ly/anUzIO 7:17 AM Feb 23rd
  • "Parking wardens working for London's local authorities routinely issue tickets against authority-owned vehicles." http://bit.ly/cS0j6Z 12:11 PM Feb 22nd
  • 30 free fonts ideal for business logos | Graphic and Web Design Blog -Resources And Tutori http://pop.is/222z 11:13 AM Feb 22nd
  • 25 Awesome Websites For High Quality Photoshop Tutorials | SaveDelete http://pop.is/2237 11:13 AM Feb 22nd
  • 40 Must See Sites For Photoshop Users http://pop.is/1ya9 11:12 AM Feb 22nd
  • Batteries are included as clothing promises to charge up gadgets - at http://bit.ly/bvdnMK Love this concept. 12:29 PM Feb 21st
  • A Collection of Photoshop Paper Brushes for Your Next Design | Naldz Graphics http://pop.is/1y9j 10:06 AM Feb 21st
  • RT @ProcessTheory Is a good BPM strategy like building a house ? http://bit.ly/bTdbeY hmmm isn't that architecture? 7:27 PM Feb 19th
  • [ProcessCafe] Friday Review - 19th February 2010 http://bit.ly/9q1RtP 4:00 PM Feb 19th
  • Did Garry Kasparov Stumble Into a New Business Process Model? - Harvard Business Review http://post.ly/Oce7 #links 9:53 AM Feb 19th
  • 25 Best Websites For Downloading Free Html/CSS Templates http://pop.is/1yzw 9:43 AM Feb 19th
  • What Exactly Do We Need a Cloud For? http://post.ly/OS28 9:18 AM Feb 18th
  • Don't Talk the Process - Walk the Process http://post.ly/OS00 9:14 AM Feb 18th

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