October 31, 2010

General musings for the week 31st October 2010

Been doing a bit of flying this week. For those who don't know, I learned to fly a couple of years ago and than managed to put in a number of hours shortly after that. Then I hit the 'either/or' problem that affects a lot of flyers: Either I didn't have enough money to fly, or I didn't have enough time. Strangely enough these never coincided with each other....

To cut a long story short it's been 2 years since I last flew, and under CAA regulations you need to have a licence revalidation if you don't do 12 hours per year. A revalidation involves a mini flying test with an instructor. Prior to that I booked a lesson and went through what was expected. At the end of the lesson the instructor - who was also a qualified examiner said "I think you did very well on that but I would probably need to see three good circuits before I sign you off." I booked a second lesson to go through the circuits and duly turned up the following day for the flight.

However in the interim the weather had turned against me. The wind was blowing at 50 degrees to the active runway and gusting to about 20knots. After struggling round with a couple of very untidy circuits, crabbing in towards the runway at a ridiculous angle, the instructor finally declared the wind to be too close to the aircraft limits and grounded me. I now have to try and find another couple of hours in the near future where the weather is fine in order to complete the three circuits and get the revalidation. With the British weather as it is that might be a tall order.....

Finally finished on 'The Big Movie That I Can't Tell You The Name Of' After a total of about 40 days work on it over three months.

It's been a fabulous time and we even got a personal word of thanks from The Great Man himself. Which was nice. The next order of business is - of course - the wrap party. Knowing that they were never going to invite a group of about 150 supporting artistes to the official wrap party we decided to  create our own wrap party and this was held in London Thursday evening. A good time was had by all.

Got two videos of the week to show you. The first one is a classic piece of British television which dates back from the 1970's with Ronnies Barker and Corbett performing the excellent "Four Candles". For those who don't know, this is a piece of television which - alongside the 'Mastermind' sketch defined the Two Ronnies and their brand of Sketch show comedy.

The second video is something which has been doing the rounds on t'internet recently and - being a cat person myself - is very close to my heart. It is two cats having a half-hearted fight with each other that looks to actually be a patty-cake game.

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