January 13, 2016

The New Look!

The more observant of you will have noticed that I have changed the theme and layout of this blog. The old style has served me well for several years, but with the number of posts I have written recently dropping down to zero I wanted to relaunch the blog with a new focus and a new look.

The theme I am using is ZenZero from Net Blogger Themes. It is simple, sparse and has a nice, clean layout suitable for reading. I am deliberately not putting ads on the site as I think you should be able to view the posts without being bombarded by pop-ups etc. all the time. It may look like there isn’t a lot happening with this layout but if you click the little icon in the bottom left hand corner: the one that looks like an equals sign with an extra horizontal line: Yes, that one. Down there. Can you see it? Click that and a whole magical world of other stuff will appear.

All right, maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But it will reveal the sidebar for the blog. There you will find whatever I decide to put there on any given day. As the muse strikes me (hence the name of the blog).

Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs related to my process, writing, and the odd musing her and there as we move forward through the year.

Welcome back to everyone!