May 14, 2008

Books, Glorious books - In a manure tank?

This came to me through the Tom Peters Blog and I spent the required 7 minutes watching it.

It's a report for a US show with a guy named Bill Giest in deepest, darkest Wisconsin where he has found the worlds largest bookstore.

However, it's not a Barnes and Nobles, or a Brentano's or a Waterstones/Ottakers or any of those chains.

It's a Wisconsin couple who were a farmer and a teacher respectively who, between them, have accumulated over 1 million books! They have so many books they are stored in 10 different buildings on the farm including on old manure tank that has been (thankfully) cleaned out.

What's more they don't advertise, they don't open very often (Saturdays, usually) and they don't make much money.

But they have good word of mouth and they seem to love what you do

Check out the video. It's worth 7 minutes of your time.

It also goes to prove that if you love what you do people will come.

(Image courtesy of cindiann)