May 12, 2008

Some browser stats for the Musings Cafe

I'm not a big follower of statistics for blogs - after all I write these things for me and a select few people, and don't really care if I get 100,000 people coming to the site everyday to read my inane drivel.

However, good old Google Analytics does provide some interesting statistics regarding things such as operating systems and browsers for visitors to my site (along with your home address, social security number and bank account details. Just kidding!)

Looking at the data for the last 30 days, for all the visitors to my site the top browsers (in order) are:


- with Firefox taking a massive 61% of all visits, Safari 23% and IE a mere 10%.

Looking at the operating systems it will come as no surprise that the number one operating system for visitors to this blog is Macintosh with 54% followed by Windows with 41% and Linux with 5%

This is hardly surprising seeing as some of the most popular posts I have done have related to Macintosh subject matter ( 'My PC is 45% better than my Mac' 'Is my PC still 45% better than my Mac?' '7 tips I wish I knew before swapping my PC for a Mac' and the biggest post on this blog by far 'The Zealots' - a biblical themed take on the whole Mac vs PC debate).

I as quite surprised to see that IE has been beaten into third place, though. What's even more interesting is looking at the Browser/OS combinations where the most popular is Firefox/Windows followed by Firefox/Mac then Safari/Mac then IE/Windows. This means IE is now down into fourth place with a measly 10%! Perhaps someone ought to chat with the folks in Redmond.....

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