May 30, 2008

Friendfeed or Twitter?

There's a huge amount of traffic at the moment debating the relative merits of Friendfeed vs Twitter (most of it on either Friendfeed or Twitter, it must be said). Opinions are divided but seem to be swayed by the relatively bad uptime of Twitter which appears to be suffering from overload. The thing I find interesting is that Friendfeed, which picks up Twitters, seems to still allow Twitters to be sent when Twitter is down! The flip side to those arguments from Twitter fans is that Friendfeed tries to do too much and they offer some serious functionality updates for it to be worthwhile. But this doesn't seem to have stopped a hoard of early adopters from enthusiastically embracing Friendfeed and pushing it. I guess the developers will have to play catch up with this one if they don't want to lose them.