June 13, 2009

Twitter links for the last 48 hours - June 13th 2009

Here are the links I have tweeted or Re-tweeted (RT) over the last 48 hours or so
  • Helen Bradley - Pro Photoshop and Photography: Understanding the basics of Sharpening in P http://pop.ly/1wqg // via popurls.com about 8 hours ago
  • BBC NEWS | Health | Basic anatomy 'baffles Britons'. You think they'd use their brains: Located just above the navel http://ff.im/-3TgWJ 5:55 AM Jun 12th
  • LA airport unveils new runway safety system http://pop.ly/1xgo // via popurls.com 12:22 AM Jun 12th
  • Liked "The 15 Most Disturbing Movies Ever Made" http://ff.im/-3SoTw 11:41 PM Jun 11th
  • Top 10 Firefox plugins for web developers designers http://pop.ly/1q46 // via popurls.com 1:10 AM Jun 10th
  • Novell Ponders "Open-Source Apps Store" http://pop.ly/1pe8 // via popurls.com 1:09 AM Jun 10th
  • Repo man who specializes in recovering planes from deadbeat con-artists, gangsters and dru http://pop.ly/1q45 // via popurls.com 1:06 AM Jun 10th
  • Know the Answers to These Questions Before Your Job Interview [Job Search] http://pop.ly/1pcy // via popurls.com 12:32 AM Jun 9th
  • Chuck Lorre Productions vanity cards. http://pop.ly/1q2z // via popurls.com 12:31 AM Jun 9th
  • Liked "FitBit - wireless sync with a Mac/PC. Basically tracks your movement 24/7 (including your sleep)...." [pic] http://ff.im/-3KGxs 11:48 PM Jun 8th
  • Casewise WebModeler, an online, on-demand modeling and diagramming tool http://bit.ly/17JZfg (via @Casewise) 7:21 AM Jun 8th
  • Liked "Beautiful High-Quality Free Fonts For Your Designs | Fonts | Smashing Magazine -..." [pic] http://ff.im/-3Fkm7 12:02 AM Jun 7th
  • Amazing Choir uses hands to simulate storm and then sings "Africa" by Toto. Fabulous! http://ff.im/-3G9e7 11:38 PM Jun 6th
  • Lifehacker - Top 10 Wallpaper Tools Tweaks - Wallpaper http://pop.ly/1q0w // via popurls.com 11:31 PM Jun 6th
  • 40 Fascinating Digital Painting Tutorials - Psdtuts http://pop.ly/1p91 // via popurls.com 10:32 PM Jun 5th
  • 10 High-Quality Free Leaf Textures http://pop.ly/1pzu // via popurls.com 10:32 PM Jun 5th
  • Is there such a thing as "cell phone elbow"? http://pop.ly/1p9a // via popurls.com 6:47 AM Jun 5th
  • Streaming Hard-to-Find Films for Cinephiles http://pop.ly/1p90 // via popurls.com 2:48 AM Jun 5th
  • QA: Hobbit Director Guillermo del Toro on the Future of Film http://pop.ly/1pyu // via popurls.com 2:43 AM Jun 5th
  • 30 Must-Have Tweaks For Your Mac | How-To | Smashing Magazine http://pop.ly/1pyr // via popurls.com 12:25 AM Jun 5th
  • Amazing One Element Logos | Abduzeedo | Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials http://pop.ly/1pyq // via popurls.com 12:16 AM Jun 5th
  • Liked "Apple - Downloads - Productivity Tools - Bean Word Processor - Freeware" http://ff.im/-3ArsX 11:32 PM Jun 4th
  • Liked "Great walks around London: the City" http://ff.im/-3A1vh 2:33 PM Jun 4th
  • More on Ryanair http://ff.im/-3y4f3 10:49 AM Jun 3rd
  • At what point do Ryanair passengers say 'Enough!"? Is a 'cheap' flight really worth this hassle? Really? re: http://ff.im/3x9ln 3:51 AM Jun 3rd
  • Liked "Cory Doctorow: Search is too important to leave to one company – even Google |Technology |guardian.co.uk" http://ff.im/-3wW4g 2:24 AM Jun 3rd
  • Forrester on Future of Mission-Critical Cloud Computing http://digg.com/u14i32 (via @MickDickinson) 1:13 AM Jun 3rd
  • RT @EliseOlding: Take this one question zoomerang survey: How important is Chg Mgt for BPM? http://tinyurl.com/ofp84w Thanks! 2:59 PM Jun 2nd
  • [ProcessCafe] BPM and Golf part 2 http://tinyurl.com/ldjrbh 8:18 AM Jun 2nd
  • Why you need an enterprise model #bpm #ea #enterprise http://bit.ly/H6lep (via @Casewise) 7:23 AM Jun 2nd

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