August 18, 2008


Hypermiling is a term used to describe the practice of driving in such a way as to increase the fuel economy of one's vehicle. You know that I am a bit of an environmentalist at heart so I wanted to draw your attention to a hypermiling article I came across today

The article is on the WikiHow pages and it contains many useful hints.

I would suggest you head over there to have a quick look at it, but before you do here are a couple of nuggets that I came across while browsing:

  • It's possible to improve fuel economy by 37% just by changing the way you
  • If you have a choice between various routes, go for the one with
    the least number of stops; country roads are good because you don't
    have to stop (and go) as much and you don't have to accelerate/brake to get on/off (like with the highway).
  • Instead of searching for the perfect spot close to an entrance (which will involve stop and go driving, especially with pedestrians involved and other drivers pulling in or out of their spots) pull into a spot that's further away from the entrance.
There are some great tips here and I hope you take them all to heart.

Props to the Wikihow for this article

Find it here

Drive safely (and economically)

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