August 18, 2008

Shout out's

I wanted to take the opportunity to point out a couple of completely unrelated web sites that I've found and started to read. These are interesting for completely different reasons:

Wall Shadows: This is a site run by Algo, an acquaintance of mine. We met on a film set (more of that in a subsequent post) and he spends a lot of his time running the Wall Shadows web site. Shadows on the wall are, of course, films that used to be projected onto a wall before cinema screens were invented and Algo takes pains to analyse and dissect the films he sees. He also puts up some pretty interesting religious and philosophical rants. I don't always see eye-to-eye with him on the topics he discourses on, but his debating ability is undeniable. Find Wall Shadows here.

How to draw and paint: I've never been considered 'arty'. My human faces look like badly drawn cartoons and any other scenes I draw tend to be wrongly proportioned and with the incorrect perspective. However, I recently discovered How to Draw and Paint. This is a site run by Liverpudlian Bob Davies. (That's a person who was born or lives in Liverpool, England, to my non-UK readers). Bob is an excellent artist and a good teacher as well. The site has follow along instructions, lots of graphics and plenty of videos to watch too. Within 10 minutes of using the site I was drawing well proportioned animals such as cows, and could draw a human face that looked, well, human. Highly recommended. The site is here.

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