October 11, 2008

Mini Musings....

Certain things occur to me from time to time and I wanted to jot them down.

WWF: Why would anyone pay $35 to watch a rigged wrestling match? I understand the 'entertainment' aspect of this, but not the cost..

Why can I get 101 different varieties of coffee, but only 3 decaffeinated? Where's the Jamaican Blue Mountain Dark Roast in decaf then?

Sometimes the weather says 'partly sunny' and sometimes it says 'partly cloudy'. In reality is there any difference? Why do they call it that?

Why would anyone pay more for bottled water than they do for gasoline?

Generally marketers place pictures of what's inside a package on the label of the package. So when I buy tinned peaches there's a picture of a peach on the outside, when I buy my cornflakes there is a picture of cornflakes on the outside. So what's with baby food manufacturers putting pictures of babies on the outside of their products? While we're on that subject: If olive oil is made of olives and corn oil is made of corn and vegetable oil is made form vegetables, what is baby oil made from?

Einstein's Theory of Relativity does not state that faster-than-light travel is impossible. However the mathematics supporting the theory break down if the speed of light is exceeded, so the scientists have said that faster-than-light travel is impossible. Surely, in reality, that means that the maths is incorrect rather than the principle being incorrect? And if that's incorrect, what other gems of scientific dogma are also incorrect? - Time travel....?

On the subject of time travel, one scientific 'proof' that time travel doesn't exist is that no-one from the future has traveled back to this time. How do they know? Say I were a brilliant young geek from the future who invented time travel but needed to benefit from it. What if I happened to travel back to Seattle sometime in the late 1970's and convince the world's largest computer company to buy some hashed-together operating system I had created. And supposing that led to me becoming the richest man on the planet. Would I tell anyone I was a time traveller? Or would I amass my fortune, corner the market in operating systems, retire gracefully and give my money away through a foundation?

If you had the secret to a system that would 'make you rich beyond your wildest dreams in less than 2 weeks' would you sell it on the internet for $39.99? The answer is probably 'no' (unless the system involved selling the secret to everyone who wants it for $39.99)

More mini musings as and when I think of them.....