February 07, 2009

Things I didn't know last week - February 7th 2009

This is a post in a regular weekly series about things I've learned or come to realise during the previous week.

This week "The Superbowl - it's not as good recorded"

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I held a Superbowl party this week. I invited a couple of friends around, got the drinks, the dip and the candy. It was a nice evening.

The only thing was we didn't hold this on Sunday - the day of the Superbowl - we held it on Tuesday.

I should also explain that I am based in Britain so staying up until 3 am to watch the whole game live is a luxury that not many people can afford on a Sunday evening. We started our Superbowl party at about 8pm and watched an edited version from Sky TV which had a lot of the 'waiting around' removed. We also skipped through the commercials (commercials on the UK are not as big a deal in the Superbowl - although I would always stop and watch the Virgin Atlantic commercial if it appeared). Overall we spent about 1.5 - 2 hours watching it.

And it was nowhere near as good.

I knew the score but I was the only one in the room who did - the others had managed to avoid it. In fact one of the attendees didn't even know who was playing until the show started!

We talked about the plays. We drank the beers. We dipped into the dip. We sang along with Springsteen at the half-time show. Everyone enjoyed themselves. But I got a text from one of the attendees the following day saying 'Is it me or did it not feel the same because it wasn't live?'. Thinking about it I think she was correct. It didn't feel the same. Knowing that the outcome was already predetermined affected our viewing of the show. Even though nobody really knew what was going to happen ("Would they score the safety after trapping Ben 'I need a bigger jersey so my name fits across the back' Roethlisberger in his end zone?", "Would Arizona come back from behind to score the go-ahead touchdown?") the fact that we were the few on the face of the earth who didn't know made it somehow.... wrong. I can't really explain it.

The moral of the story is to make sure we watch the show live next year (when, hopefully, the Colts will be playing )
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