November 21, 2009

Random Musings on life 'n stuff

Occasionally things occur to me that I have to write down:

  • Why is it if I throw a kitten into boiling water I am an animal abuser but if I throw a lobster into boiling water I am a chef?
  • Maggots are said to be good to put into a wound because they only eat dead tissue. How do they know it's dead? Maybe if they bite and nibble at live tissue for a while it 'becomes' dead. You could lose an arm that way.
  • If we descended from the apes, how come there are still apes on the planet? Crocodiles descended from the dinosaurs, apparently, yet the dinosaurs disappeared.
  • What is all this commotion about X-Factor? So what if someone got voted off? So what if it's talentless twins remaining? IT'S JUST A TV SHOW. Get over it, folks.
  • Who can we believe about Global Warming? Is it really getting warmer? Feels pretty cold outside at the moment. Is it right that global warming can resulting the planet getting cooler?
  • If we do need movement on the global warming front, surely the best way to do this is to make it financially attractive for businesses to adhere to set standards. Reward adherance to standards, penalise non-compliance. It works every time. 
  • PC vs Mac. Who really cares? iPhone vs Android. Who really cares? Friendfeed vs Twitter. Who really cares? If that's all you've got to worry about then you're in a pretty good position in life.
  • If we run out of fossil fuels, will this make us more dependent on non-fossil fuels, or will we go back to a world where we had less dependence on energy altogether? Will we completely stop flying, for example?
  • Ugg boots. Are they the ugliest things ever for a woman to wear? 
  • If the oil producing counties of the world run out of oil and some small island in the pacific discovers oil, will that island become a world superpower?

That's your lot for today.

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