November 24, 2009

POLL - Tell me about your commuting habits.

I've worked in jobs in the past where I've had to commute to work. Sometimes it was just 15 minutes and 6 miles down the road. Other times it was 1.5 hours to the next county but one. I've even had jobs in the distant past where I was living in one country and working in other.

But now I wanted to gather a bit of information about you, my readers, to help me understand about how far you commute to work

You know I have a commitment to environmental issues (See my environment posts) and this is just a way of me trying to understand the scale of the problem according to my, albeit unscientific, methods.

How far do you commute by car?

Thanks for doing this. If you feel like re-tweeting this to help get some more scientifically meaningful results then please use the button below

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  1. Done. I'm Public Transport all the way.