February 10, 2009

Twitter links for the last 48 hours - 10th February 2009

These are the links I have tweeted or retweeted (RT) over the last 48 hours or so
  • Do It First Thing, Every Day: How to Tackle Any Project http://ff.im/-Zi5z about 1 hour ago
  • The salvage of flight 1549 | stephen mallon's industrial photography http://ff.im/-Zi1i about 1 hour ago
  • BBC NEWS : Nine-year-old writes iPhone code http://ff.im/-ZcKD about 3 hours ago
  • Liked "RT @cheeky_geeky: Evan Williams (CEO Twitter @ev) Predicts Future Uses For Twitter (ZDNet):..." http://ff.im/-YzJm about 16 hours ago
  • Liked "Toshiba Announces the World's First 128 Megabit FeRAM" http://ff.im/-YvRH about 17 hours ago
  • Super clocks: More accurate than time itself http://ff.im/-YwDE about 18 hours ago
  • The end of the packet...Choose the new Walker potato crisps flavour. http://ff.im/-YvP8 about 18 hours ago
  • [ProcessCafe] The father of process is not happy! http://tinyurl.com/cru97v about 18 hours ago
  • Liked "Mozilla to join EU suit against Microsoft" http://ff.im/-YrfS about 18 hours ago
  • Liked "Likely Stadiums Confirmed, TV Deal Ready to be Signed for New League" http://ff.im/-YsqO about 18 hours ago
  • Hardly anyone trusts the media — NevilleHobson.com http://ff.im/-YtnG about 18 hours ago
  • Liked "Think Laterally" http://ff.im/-Ykpd about 21 hours ago
  • Thought for the day: On the BAFTA's http://post.ly/ZW about 23 hours ago
  • Qantas: Defending Its Rich U.S.-Australia Route http://ff.im/-Yd7I 10:03 AM yesterday
  • Aspect Ratio http://ff.im/-YbQl 9:29 AM yesterday
  • "When working from home, separating “work” and “home” is one of my biggest challenges. A few strategies to try to... re: http://ff.im/Y8Cf 7:59 AM yesterday
  • Mark the End of the Day and Finish on Time « http://ff.im/-Y8Cf 7:59 AM yesterday
  • Liked "A Twitter Decision" http://ff.im/-Y6Q3 7:23 AM yesterday
  • Liked "Britain's most isolated hotels - Telegraph" http://ff.im/-XmCy 7:20 AM yesterday
  • Liked "I've been tagged a couple of times already for the "25 things" Facebook meme: this is a brilliant response:..." http://ff.im/-XNrM 7:19 AM yesterday
  • AIG Implodes: The Two Cows Version: Very funny (and true) http://ff.im/-XyaG 4:53 PM Feb 8th
  • Liked "Welcome to HootSuite, the ultimate Twitter toolbox -... #web" http://ff.im/-XmvJ 11:23 AM Feb 8th
  • Liked "Flash mob mimicks T Mobile advert - and closes train station - Telegraph" http://ff.im/-WWgI 11:20 AM Feb 8th
  • Facebook and Twitter: There’s blood everywhere, but no one’s dying » VentureBeat http://ff.im/-Xih6 8:46 AM Feb 8th
  • Readers Pick: 30 Incredibly Useful Mac Apps for Web Design http://pop-go.com/3w // via popurls.com 7:25 AM Feb 8th
  • Two attention-focusing apps kill distractions dead - Computerworld Blogs http://pop-go.com/3v // via popurls.com 7:24 AM Feb 8th
  • Liked "RT @isaac: @ohhdl Dalai Lama on twitter, which could bring more risks to Twitter, being blocked in China #GFW" http://ff.im/-XcwL 7:14 AM Feb 8th
  • Burn baby burn : What to do with our waste... http://ff.im/-Xfu7 7:10 AM Feb 8th
  • Liked ""How to use Gmail's 'Multiple Inboxes' for extra Gmail accounts" http://tinyurl.com/cwf8hx #svpt Great Tip!" http://ff.im/-WOGw 7:15 PM Feb 7th
  • Liked "Google Has A Storm Brewing" http://ff.im/-WJZI 5:06 PM Feb 7th
  • Liked "@stiennon Here's a useful list of analysts using Twitter, including the 50+ Gartner analysts using it!..." http://ff.im/-VTe5 3:46 PM Feb 7th
  • Liked "Not Everyone Is Cheering as Wi-Fi Takes to the Air" http://ff.im/-WIbZ 3:45 PM Feb 7th
  • Things I didn't know last week - February 7th 2009 http://ff.im/-WHMw 3:25 PM Feb 7th
  • How the fetal brain wires up for action http://ff.im/-WGvB 2:52 PM Feb 7th
  • 1709: The year that Europe froze http://ff.im/-WzXn 11:36 AM Feb 7th
  • Alternative Jet Fuel: The Jatropha Plant? http://ff.im/-WzXm 11:36 AM Feb 7th

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