October 23, 2008

A Typical Twitter day.....

I have written before about Twitter and my usage of it (If you want me to follow you, here are the rules..)

As a result I tend to have a discreet (but useful) group of people who I follow and who follow me.

Watching the tweets come in is actually an education in itself . Take this morning, for example.

Philcampbell is at a web expo in Berlin and sent a series of tweets (along with pics) about his experiences.
othompso has been off-line for a while and is catching up on the financial situation for us all.
Rumford is looking at potentially identifying some new Twitter search engine changes
Skydiver (Peter Shankman) is requesting a one question survey to be taken
econsultancy is discussing redesigning a web site and resources that can help with that
Cristinacost is talking about virtual tourism
MobileMaggie dropped her phone down the toilet
timoreilly is passing sage comments on the nature of creativity and entrepreneurship
Guykawasaki is telling us about his tinnitus
and Mashable has pointed out the most useful post on his site this week
(and this is without the other big hitters on my list such as Chrisbrogan and jowyang - who haven't appeared yet due to time differences)
It never ceases to amaze me how many great bits of information and data can appear through a simple tool like Twitter.

Who do you follow that provide diverse and interesting things? Or do you follow a similar group of people who all talk about the same items?

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