November 03, 2008

Lyric competition - The Results.

Here are the answers to the lyric competition

1) I keep on (title) in and out of love - Falling, Alicia Keys
2) [title] keeps running away now matter what's left if keeps on moving - Time, Anastacia
3) Some say love, it is a river.......The Rose, Bette Midler
4) I see a [title]. I see trouble on the way - Bad Moon Rising, CCR
5) Thinking 'bout the times you drove in my car. - Badge, Eric Clapton
6) [title} you make me cry. I don't want to lose this feeling
- Bell Bottom blues, Eric Clapton
7) Winding your way down on [title]. Light in your head and dead on your feet - Baker Street, Gerry Rafferty
8) Oooooo Storm is threatening.- Gimme Shelter, The Rolling Stones
9) You got a great car, yeah what's wrong with it today?- Bohemian Like You, The Dandy Warhols
10) Here name is Noele. I have a dream about her.- Teenage Dirtbag, Wheatus
11) Can't you see I'm holding your flag. The one that you left on the ground- Abilene, Sheryl Crowe
12) Every night I get my money and I go down to the bar.- Dead Ringer for Love, Meatloaf
13) I'm lying alone. With my hand on the phone. Thinking of you till it hurts - All out of Love, Air Supply
14) "What we've got here is failure to communicate". - Civil War, Guns and Roses
15) Loving you. Isn't the right thing to do. Go your own way, Fleetwood Mac.
16) Oh it's awkward. Counting to ten. hours a plenty. - Only You, Tallulah Rendall
17) Tell her I'll be waiting. The usual place. - Slave to Love, Bryan Ferry/ Roxy Music
18) Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach. - Boys of Summer, Don Henley
19) Baby I've been drifting away. Dreaming all day.- Let's Make Love, Faith Hill
20) I know you've heard so many people say. I got a different girl in every town - Cuddly Toy, Roachford
21)I blame you for the moonlit sky. And the dream that died. With the eagles flight - Sleeping Satellite, Tamsin Archer
22) Some people might say my life is in a rut. I'm quite happy with what I've got. - Going Underground, The Jam
23) Never made it as a wise man. Couldn't cut it as a poor man stealing - How you remind me, Nickelback
24) Where it began. I can't begin to knowing. - Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond
25) Say its true, black and blue, I can share your situation. Been holding our emotions back, will only make us cry - Ocean Drive, Lighthouse Family

Some of those were dead easy, some a little more complicated. Nobody picked up on the Talullah Rendall song (which is absolutely fab), but that's differing taste for you....

The winner (with the only entry...) is Algo. The two ebooks are winging their way to him as we speak....

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  1. Right yay!

    Damned annoyed I didn;t spot the two Clapton tracks, although I must point out that, while they may well be on a best of or live album, they were in fact performed by Cream (in the case of Badge) and Derek And The Dominos (In the case of Bell Bottom Blues)

    I look forward to reading the books. Thanks!

    Also, I met the producer and keyboard player with Roachford on a job (MAOW) earlier this year. You met him?