September 18, 2009

Movie quiz - The Answers!

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Here are the answers to the movie quiz posted last week.

Remember the idea was to take the character name provided and identify the person who first played that role and in what film.

Here goes:

1) Hermione Granger: Emma Watson, Harry Potter and the Philosophers/Sorcerers Stone
2) Katherine Trammell: Sharon Stone, Basic Instinct
3) Sarah Connor: Linda Hamilton, The Terminator
4) Lindsay Brigman: Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, The Abyss
5) Vivian Ward: Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman
6) Dr Ellie Sattler: Laura Dern, Jurrasic Park
7) Selene: Kate Beckinsale, Underworld
8) Clarice Starling: Jodie Foster, Silence of the Lambs
9) Holly Genarro: Bonnie Bedelia, Die Hard
10) Tina Carlyle: Cameron Diaz, The Mask
11) Daphne and Josephine: Jack Lemmon, Tony Curti, Some Like it Hot
12) Elisabeth Swann: Keira Knightly, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of The Black Pearl
13) Eleanor Arroway: Jodie Foster, Contact
14) Kathryn Merteuil: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cruel Intentions
15) Larita Whittaker: Jessica Biel, Easy Virtue

So, how did you do? How many did you get (and you didn't check Google did you?)

Keep you eyes out for a male version coming soon.

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