September 07, 2009

Who on earth is that? - The new movie quiz

Iron ManImage by ego technique. via Flickr

Time for another quiz, I think. This one is a little different to the others. Usually I give you a quote or something from a movie and you have to identify the movie (and/or who said it). This time we're going to go for identifying the actors playing a given role.

It's simple: I will give you the name of a character from a movie. You have to identify who played the character in what film. If the character has appeared in more than one film just give me the first appearance of the character in a film. For example; If the clue was 'Tony Stark", the answer would be 'Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man'. All the names in this quiz are female. I'll do a male version at a later date.

Remember it is really easy to look these answers up on Google but there's no fun in doing that. Try to think your way around the problem.

Here goes:

1) Hermione Granger
2) Katherine Trammell
3) Sarah Connor
4) Lindsay Brigman
5) Vivian Ward
6) Dr Ellie Sattler
7) Selene
8) Clarice Starling
9) Holly Genarro
10) Tina Carlyle
11) Daphne and Josephine
12) Elisabeth Swann
13) Eleanor Arroway
14) Kathryn Merteuil
15) Larita Whittaker

There might be one or two trick ones in there, so be careful.

Post your answers in the comments, please. Kudos go to the person with the most correct answers and I'll run this quiz until Friday 18th September 2009 (and I might add a couple of clues a little later in the week..)


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