November 05, 2009

New design for the site

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After upgrading the layout at The Process Cafe I had been searching around for a new template to use here at the Musings Cafe. I tried a number of different ones on my development set-up and they all seemed a little .. 'blah'

Then I happened across this design from Theme Craft called (surprisingly enough) 'Black and White'. It has a simple, clear layout, 2-column format and I was able to port across the coffee cup logo from the previous blog to ensure continuity

The widgets at the side of the blog are very similar to the previous ones although the blog archive has been changed to a category cloud. I'm also going to see what happens using the 'Jump Break' functionality - that's the ability to show the first couple of paragraphs of a post on the front page and the rest can be seen by clicking 'More..' Try it and see

The other thing you'll notice is that the posts themselves have a section at the bottom called Related Posts. These are other articles I have written on this blog on similar topics. They are grouped by category. This is using a blogger hack  from In addition to that you may see related articles being displayed in a Zemanta box. These are posts from other parts of the web which have similar keywords to the article you are reading.

The search facility is very powerful and can be used to find posts based on content words rather than categories etc. Try searching for 'Jessica' as an example.

Let me know what you think about this. I quite like it but if I get overwhelmingly negative feedback I will probably go back to the old style blog.

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