November 05, 2009

How to Write a Mission Statement That Isn't Dumb | Fast Company

Here are four mission statements. Two are from real organizations. Two were created by Dilbert's Automatic Mission Statement Generator. Can you guess which ones are genuine?

1. It is our job to continually foster world-class infrastructures as well as to quickly create principle-centered sources to meet our customer's needs.

2. Our challenge is to assertively network economically sound methods of empowerment so that we may continually negotiate performance-based infrastructures.

3. To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities.

4. Respect, integrity, communication, and excellence.

If you can't tell which is which (and you probably can't) then this article from should be mandatory reading. Look at how sentimental, nebulous feelings have taken over from hard objectives in mission statements. As the article says 'Mission statements are like corporate Hallmark Cards'.

Make yours stand out by employing the 'BHAG' technique...

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