December 03, 2009

Who on Earth Is that ? - The male edition: A movie quiz.

I recently did a quiz here on the Musings Cafe which asked you to identify a movie character and name the person who played that character first, and in which film. That quiz was focused on female actors. At the time I said I would do a quiz focusing on male characters.

So here goes.

Remember the rules are easy: For every name below identify the name of the actor who first played this character, and the name of the first film that character appeared in.

1) Benjamin Braddock
2) Albus Dumbledore
3) Captain Benjamin Willard
4) Roy Neary
5) Ray Ferrier
6) Capt. John Miller
7) Amon Goeth
8) Matt Hooper
9) Bud Fox
10) Craig Schwartz
11) Sam Witwicky
12) Joe Buck
13) Harris K. Telemacher
14) Tommy 'Five-Tone' Messina
15) Rupert Pupkin

There are a couple of real teasers in there (10 and 12 in particular) so put your thinking caps on.

Answers at the end of next week.

1 comment:

  1. These always drive me crazy...

    2. Richard harris for the first two (Philospher's stone & Chamber Of Secrets) Michael Gambon from Prisoner of Azkaban on...
    3. Martin Sheen - Apocalypse Now
    4. Richard Dreyfuss - Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
    15. Robert De Niro - King Of Comedy

    I think that's all I've got. Rubbish!