April 25, 2010

General News and Musings for Week of 19th April

Ex colleague Alistair Hart heads off to Canada - Maybe Canada in the late winter wasn't the best place to go but early reports say he's enjoying himself. Stay tuned, we'll find out soon.

Subscribers to 'The Process Cafe' have just reached 400. Thank you to everyone who subscribed, who reads and who comments.

The early British summer has arrived and fooled everyone into thinking the warm weather is here for good. In London yesterday there were hundreds of people sitting having their lunch on the steps of St Paul's Cathedral looking for all the world like pale-skinned pigeons. I was tempted to run at them flapping my arms and shouting 'Scram', but I suspect they wouldn't have moved an inch. Turning a fire hose on them would probably have worked though.

After the news that Ning are removing free access to their social networks the BPM Nexus is looking to find a new home. We are probably looking at something like Grou.ps. Anyone got any experience with this?

The British election is starting to heat up. After the first leaders debate Nick Clegg came out a clear winner. After the second debate Nick Clegg came out a clear winner unless you read the opinion polls rather than watched the show. It's now, apparently, a battle of personalities and looks rather than policies and manifestos.

From several days last week the sky was clear, blue and unmarked by aircraft con-trails I now look out the window to see the familiar criss-cross of white lines blighting the view. But what would happen if commercial air travel were to be permanently grounded? So professional sports in the UK would be damaged. Hmmm..... Bring back the airships, I say.

In other news:

The warm weather has finally persuaded my cat to start shedding his winter coat. My house is COVERED in ginger and white fur. Those who know me well will say 'How can you tell the difference?'

Bond 23 - The latest in the James Bond franchise has officially been shelved for the time being until MGM work out their issues and manage to sell themselves to someone. Who'd have thought it was so hard finding a buyer for the longest running and most profitable franchise in film history, not to mention some all time classic movies...

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