May 02, 2010

General News and Musings for Week of 26th April

Thanks to the kind gentleman earlier this week who decided to sit next to me on the train absolutely reeking of garlic. When folks next to you are tearing up and holding their breath it's time to do something about the seasoning, buddy!

Also thanks to the guy the following day who sat opposite me and sniffed every 8 seconds for the whole 1 hour journey. If you're sick, stay home!

Props to my man Paul Fisher who's working with me at the moment and got his process models approved and signed off last week. Way to go Taffy.
One thing I like about living out in the country - the wildlife. I woke early one morning this week and looked out of the window to see a deer walking down my drive and out into the lane. Can't get that in Hedge End.

Had an interesting exchange on Twitter the other day with someone connected with a major BPM software vendor. They had written a long, detailed, and quite boring post about the difference between two programming languages. I tweeted about the fact that I fell asleep in the middle of reading it. This invoked the wrath of the poster who basically accused me of being the reason there was a misunderstanding in the first place. A fellow tweeter chipped in to say that maybe the problem was 'a bit too much detail'. This resulted in a catty reply to him to. No names but if you search my Twitter stream you'll find the guilty party.

My cat is recovering this week after being attacked by an unknown assailant. He appeared filthy, wet, cold and covered in cuts a weekend back. Nothing could console him as he retired to bed without eating or cleaning himself. Closer examination revealed that he had a jaw injury resulting in both his upper and lower canine teeth being thrust through his lip, effectively stapling his mouth together. A quick trip to the vet and an antibiotic jab cured that. Now he's back at peak performance. Bless.

Friend of this blog Tallulah Rendall has put together her second album after the awesome Libellus from last year. She is now fundraising to release it and I urge all of you to check it out. Donate if you can, it's well worth it.

I love it when people I know quite well but haven't spoken to for a while get back in touch and have to try and explain how it is you know them "We worked together in the tanning factory and you used to hand me the twenty-litre tubs of urine to pour over the hides. We did that for six months. I was short and skinny with a lazy eye and a stutter. Do you remember me?". Chances are if you're on my Facebook I remember you, Em!

Fancy mainlining coffee? What about inhaling it? How about just pasting it on your lips? All these are different ways of getting your daily caffeine fix and this article explains how to get that extra buzz when your morning Starbucks doesn't quite cut it any more.

So chocolate can cause depression? I know a lot of females who would swear the exact opposite.

This comes as a surprise (but not a big one) Heathrow airport has no visibility into the inbound flights until about 10 minutes before they land. Anyone who's ever landed there and had to wait 15 minutes for a jetty or steps will understand that.

To the two Harley Davidson riders who shouted at the London bus driver who cut them up in the City of London yesterday: bravo!

More next week.

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