May 09, 2010

General Musings for the week of 2nd May 2010

So I've voted in the elections. Hopefully you all did too (UK registered voters, obviously). I voted by post which is the only way to do it. The interesting thing is that every postal ballot paper has a reference number on the back of it. Thus can be cross-referenced back to your name and thus they know how you voted. So much for privacy in voting.

I hear that British Gas have an iPhone app. You can use it to tell them your meter reading when they've charged you the wrong amount. Except it only allows you to send a meter reading when they've undercharged you, not when they've overcharged you. Sounds about right for British Gas.

One more bank holiday out of the way here in the UK. Unlike the rest of Europe we Brits decided that our May Day celebrations wouldn't fall on the first day of May, they would fall on the first Monday of May regardless of what day that was. So all the continental Europeans who had Saturday to celebrate could look upon us enviously as we swanned around at home on Monday. Although being a typical Bank Holiday the weather was less than ideal. In one 30 minute period I was rained on, blown sideways, frozen and sunburned! Don't you just love the British weather?

Just heard that Johnny Depp and the guys from Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides will be coming over to London to film some of their scenes. Should be great to get back together with him if it works out.

So BP - a company which spends millions every year promoting itself as environmentally caring - is kicking out thousands of barrels of oil per day into the Gulf of Mexico. Can you spell Greenwashing ?

Props to my man Jon T. I've just heard that he's heading out to Argentina this weekend to take part in a new game show where the loser is ejected unceremoniously in an adrenaline fueled way. If he loses he's hoping he gets to drive a car off a ramp into a vat of mud. It takes all sorts I suppose.

More next week.