May 23, 2010

General Musings For The Week - 16th May 2010

My general displeasure at all things Ryanair is well know. However I found a fabulous little thing on the internet today which really put a smile on my face. It's a calculator put together by British Airways which adds up all the little fees, charges, taxes and costs that Ryanair (and Easyjet) add to their 'low' fares to increase their revenue. It appears that the difference between a BA ticket and a Ryanair ticket could be decreased by as much as £480 depending on what options you end up paying for. Well worth checking out.

The nice weather appears to be arriving finally in the UK. This May has been the coldest for 600 years (or at least since records began) and the temperature difference between this weekend and last weekend could be as much as 10 degrees celcius. But as my Indian colleague at work keeps reminding me 'The maximum daily temperature you are experiencing here in England this week is a little more than two-thirds of the minimum nightly temperature currently being experienced in Chennai' And I bet it's a moist heat too...

Well done to Mark Webber for winning last week's Monaco Grand Prix. Do you think it's just a coincidence that the Monaco Grand Prix is held at the same time as the Cannes Film Festival? What an ideal opportunity for all the film stars and celebrities to attend the most glamourous Grand Prix of the season (..and if you've ever been to the old Portuguese Grand Prix in Estoril you'll understand the 'other' side of that glamour) 

Went and saw 'Robin Hood' this week. Don't bother going if you know me and are looking to see me in the crowd. I'm there, I know where I am, but as for seeing me amongst the huge crowd of background artistes and horses - good luck! As for the movie I'll sum it up by quoting a friend of mine who watched it with me "It's two hours of entertainment -  which is a pity because  the movie is over two hours long"

Gruesome story of the week must go to the Canadian long distance bus passenger who killed a fellow passenger and decapitated him with a 'Rambo' knife whilst the bus was travelling across the Canadian Prairie. How the hell do you kill and behead someone on a bus? The passengers on that journey will have a tale to tell - well all apart from one of them.

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