August 22, 2010

General Musings for the week 22nd August 2010

So I'm two weeks into 'The-Big-Film-That-I-Can't-Tell-You-About' and already it is turning into one of the most exhausting pieces of work I've ever done. I'm spending a long time on my feet and walking/ marching throughout the day. Couple that with early starts (leaving the house before 6am every morning) and late finishes  (getting home around 8pm) and you can see why it starts to be exhausting. It is a fun job, though. The guys I'm working with have all started to bond and create a cameraderie and there are a few guys I've struck up a good friendship with (hello to 'TCP's Man' and 'Omar' - names have been changed to protect the innocent). Just another couple of weeks of this and then I get to have a break for a few weeks while the production relocates to a different part of the country. Then they're back in October for more.

In the mean time I was called to work on another film that has NDA's all over. However as I have said 'No' to the call I can write about it with impunity. The film is 'Captain America' and I was called for a night shoot starting late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning. Unfortunately the call time was going to be 2am. That's right I would have to find my way to  London for 2am on Sunday morning! Ridiculous. Anyway I was otherwise booked for that day and had to say no. But if any of my readers were wondering through Trafalgar Square  at that time and saw lots of activity and things that looked distinctly WWII style, that's what it was.

Speaking of films: I watched Inception over the weekend. My brain now hurts. Awesome movie with some fabulous images and a cracking little story. The central conceit (That you can plug into people's minds and somehow retrieve/plant information through their dreams) is absolutely superb and the whole thing is brilliantly well executed. However before I talk about it any more I have to go see it again. Or did I already see it and it was just a dream.....? If you haven't seen the movie go and so it. If you have seen the movie, read this review and see what you think. Plus I want one of those spinning tops.

Cool video of the month : A Virgin Atlantic 747 undergoing a complete bare-metal repaint all captured in stunning timelapse. Enjoy.

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