September 20, 2008

Best and worse Bond themes

I had to link to this, purely because my friend Algo is sure to weigh in on how inaccurate (or not) this list is:

The BBC has added a 'news' article detailing what they feel are the best and worse Bond themes from the last 22 movies.

They rate Carly Simon's "Nobody does it better" as the best (which I agree with) and Madonna's "Die Another Day" as the worst (which I probably agree with as well), but some of the ones in the middle are a bit suspect.

Anyhoo, check it out and let me know what you think..


  1. Ah... a subject after my heart.

    I have already done the full list over on a retro wall shadow

    1. Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon

    2. We Have All The Time In The World - Louis Armstrong

    3. Live And Let Die - Wings

    And the bottom 3:

    20. Die Another Day - Madonna

    21. Thunderball - Tom Jones

    22.The Man With The Golden Gun - Lulu (Just Embarrassing)

  2. Sorry, that should read "Man with the Golden Gu-Hun". My apologies for the misquote.