May 31, 2011

The Ghost Train - Coming soon


As Hartley Arts Group's current production "Kiss Me Kate" winds down (last three performances this week), thoughts turn to the next production "The Ghost Train"

This is a little known play which was written by Arnold Ridley (best known for being Private Godfrey in 'Dad's Army' back in the 70's).

As you can imagine with a name like that it has a spooky feel and we will be performing it around Halloween this year. The plot revolves around a party of passengers who find themselves stranded in the waiting room of an isolated station. The station master tries to get them to leave citing the local legend of a ghost train that dooms all who see it to death.

The director, Gary Wales, has some great ideas for the show leveraging multimedia and some phenomenal sound effects. It is guaranteed to be not just a show but a "Performance".

In a change from tradition this show will be running in a confined schedule. Usually HAG do shows that run over two weeks (Thursday, Friday and Saturday of one week followed by Thursday, Friday, Saturday of the following week). For 'The Ghost Train' we are looking to condense this down into a single week with five performances grouped into Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (including a Saturday matinee).

Keep your eye out here and at for more information about the show and booking information.

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